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Thumb Fin (Black) Thumb Rest

Thumb Fin (Black) Thumb Rest

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Ergonomic. Adjustable. Universal. Leaves instrument undamaged with strong suction cups. Can be used on Bass, Guitar, Ukulele, and other implementations.

Easy to use! Just give the surface and suction cups a wipe , stick it on, and rock on! The best bass thumb rest around.

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Customer Reviews

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Product is exactly as described and arrived with days of order. Very satisfied and would recommend to anyone.


I bought a new Schecter 5 string and it does not have a good place to rest the thumb. I also did not want to drill into my new bass to install a thumb rest I might not like. This was the perfect solution! The suction cups hold really well and doesn’t harm the finish. I can move it to wherever feels good that day. I have put one on my 4 string Gretsch now too! Shipping was fast and they included a gift with my purchase which was unexpected and nice. You won’t be disappointed!

Brian Khoury
Thumb Fin provides what I have been looking for

I am a bass player that plays mostly with my fingers and I require a good thumb rest to play as I like to. I play a MusicMan Sterling bass, which I love, but I do not play well with my thumb on the pickup. I like to play closer to the neck where the strings are loser. The Thumb Fin perfectly fits that need. I can move it anywhere I want at any given time for any song and the style I am playing for that song to get the sound and attack I need. The TF stays solidly in place and provides the comfort I need. It has completely enhanced my playing and helped me take my style to another level. I found out about Thumb Fin in an article about new items they liked an NAMM. I went to the website and placed an order and the company chatted with me and sent me the TF in three sizes, I like them all. For my style the large and medium sizes work best. Another reason I like having these so much is because I travel to record bass parts in the studio and I play basses that are not mine so having the Thumb Fins allow me to play any bass and put the thumb fin where I need it, therefore, it is no longer such a challenge to play basses other than my own that I comfortable with. If you need a thumb rest for your bass(es), try the Thumb Fin.

Mathias Janzen

Perfect item!


Amazing product. Works perfectly.
Get a few 👍🏻