Experience Playing Like Never Before With The Thumb Fin bass thumb rest

Ergonomic. Adjustable. Universal. Leaves instrument undamaged with strong suction cups.


    Thumb Fin was designed as an option for adding a thumb rest to a bass or guitar without altering the instrument. The ergonomic design allows for a more biomechanically relaxed hand position helping upgrade your technique. The best bass thumb rest you'll ever use.


    Interested in trying a thumb rest but don't want to alter your instrument? We've got you covered. Thumb Fin allows you to place the thumb rest where you want , when you want. Other 'options' out there only work on specific instrument, Thumb Fin is universal.


    Patented as the first suction cup thumb rest, Thumb Fin was specifically engineered to to allow the player to optimize their thumb positioning. By reducing tendon stress with Thumb Fin's ergonomic design you will be able to more naturally focus on technique while optimizing joint health.

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